North Yorkshire League

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Team Captains

Team 1 Mike Margerson
Team 2 Dave Wheatley
Team 3 Paul Bell


NYSL League Rules


1) A player is not restricted from playing up in a higher division and can play as many times as asked without penalty and without being tied.
2) Within a division a player will be tied to a higher team only after playing for a sixth time, i.e. someone from Harlow 5 can play up 5 times in Harlow 4 without being tied. Again, it's better to load a squad in favour of the second team.
3) Division 1 players cannot play down in division 2 and likewise division 2 players can't play down in division 3.
That should give more flexibility to all clubs in an effort to save on postponements and penalties.

All divisions will play PAR15. Games are scored using a Point-a-rally (PAR) system to 15. A match is the best of 5 games. If the score reaches 14-14 (in PAR 15), the game is played until one player scores 2 more points than the other.


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There are currently 3 teams playing in this league