Squash League Rules

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League Rules

  1. This year each league will normally run for a calendar month, starting on the 1st of each month   
  2. Leagues will normally be 5 players to a league (best fit)
  3. 1st player in each league will always be promoted
  4. Normally 2 players promoted and 2 relegated. However to maintain the 5 players per league there is likely to be a lot of flexibility on this as  players come in and out of the leagues
  5. Players not playing any games in the league will drop at least 1 league.
  6. ** NEW**Games will be traditional best of 5 to 9. However as some players are now playing American scoring in matches, if you are both in agreement you can play best of 5 to 15 American (if tied at 14 all then you play to 2 clear points. If you don’t both want to play American scoring then you play traditional to 9.
  7. Points
    1. 3 - 0 win (points 6 – 1)
    2. 3 – 1 win (points 5 –2)
    3. 3 – 2 win (points 4 – 3)
    4. 2 – 1 win (points 3 – 2)
    5. Any draw when the match has been played (points 3½ each)
    6. No games played no points scored (0 - 0)
  8. To maintain the 5 people per league as much as I can anyone wanting to re-join the leagues will have to wait until the next league. Please put your names below and I will include. In the meantime please give people in the leagues a call for a game.