Racketball Ladder Rules

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Ladder Rules

Please see the club noticeboard for names

  1. For the start of the ladder everyone has been placed at the bottom and as you play your first games you can start placing yourselves from the top on a first game played basis  
  2. Each ladder will normally run for a calendar month, starting on the 1st of each month
  3. Matches will be played using American scoring, each game best of 5 ends to 11 (Scoring when receiving and serving)
  4. First to 11 with 2 clear points wins the end
  5. If less than 2 clear points at 1 keep going until one player is 2 points clear
  6. Who can you challenge on the ladder, anyone up to 2 places above your current position. If you win then you swap places on the ladder
  7. The person at the top of the ladder at the end of each month will be the current champion for the next month


Anyone wishing to join this league, or ask any questions  please ring me David Wheatley on 01677 450074 or 07921 495762

Please let David have your comments on whether this is working or suggestions to improve the ladder